REQuickly was born from the need of leverage so that all other things would flow effortlessly. REQuickly is designed by a real estate agent for real estate agents based on the budgets and models that are targeted at growing a millionaire real estate business by Leveraging 80% so that you can focus on your BIG 20% important activities. REQuickly is Transaction Coordination, Database managing and marketing, and bookkeeping all valued to help your business grow. REQuickly is more time with your family, more time to meet with clients, more time to relax. REQuickly is Real Estate done Quickly.

•   Our Purpose – to make your life easier as a real estate agent by letting us take the paperwork off your hands, putting your database on a systematic marketing system so your clients keep you top of mind, and also to keep your eyes on your financial growth.

•   Our Goal – to make sure everyone has the opportunity to grow a millionaire real estate business.

•   Our Mission –  to level the playing field by sharing time, energy, knowledge and opportunity with all agents. All of this while fitting into a proven budget and models for a millionaire real estate business

REQuickly is for people who want to hire an assistant, already have an assistant and are ready to hire another one, for empire builders with a team of agents and for single agents who would just like some assistance filing paperwork and managing day to day activities.

Let REQuickly prepare that contract while you go meet that client – send us their contact info and REQuickly will add them to your database and make sure they are included in your customized marketing campaign. It’s that easy, that quickly!

It is important to stay affordable, that is why many of our services are designed on the premise of getting paid when you do. Many of our TC and Database/Marketing management services are paid at close, so there is no out of pocket cost to you between closings.